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Cheap Web Templates

On this page I have listed web templates for the intermediate budget. Most include source files but be sure to read carefully before you buy. Personally I always like to get the PhotoShop source files because I do heavy customization of any template I download. So be sure to check to see what files are typically included that will best suit your design requirements. And it's important that the fonts for the design are included as well, so you won't have to search all over the web after download to try to locate them somewhere else after you've invested time finding a nice template in the first place!

TemplateEven though they are budget-oriented, I have found the sites listed below to offer some very good quality templates with nice clean graphics.

And, look closely because my favorite website template resource is on this page as well - just because it's cheap, doesn't mean you don't get great value and great templates!

Lower Cost Templates

1.) TemplatesBox
Here it is - My Favorite! (Didn't have to look very far, did you?) A great site that offers both a free template section and a growing yearly subscription area. You pay $39 a year to have access to the full site. I have a subscription and download templates for my own sites all the time. They come with Photoshop files, so all is ready to go in order to customize to my taste and needs!

2.) 4Templates
Lots of clean designs and some very nice high-tech looks as well. Prices are great, starting at around $5 US, and the site is uncluttered and easy to use. They frequently offer the same template in different colours, but we know how to change colours ourselves, don't we? Be sure to check out the "Budget Designs" section while you're there.

3.) A Plus Templates
For this subscription-based service, you pay approximately $30 US and receive access to all of their designs. Great if you're totally in a pinch for time, or if you want to learn how to create different styles of web layouts. You can download templates and then dissect them - trust me, it's not painful to the template! There are a couple of free samples that you can use here to test your skills on to see if you do have the skill set for template modification.


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