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Web designers can sometimes forget to appreciate the work of their peers. Why? Well, in a highly competitive field, everyone can tend to guard their latest idea very carefully. No one wants to risk having their concept exploited or their website ripped off.

However, like works of art, some websites are pure creative fuel. Color choices, use of text, flash animations - all can provide a jumping-off point for the next latest and greatest idea. After all, inspiration is the precursor of progress in all fields, not just the realm of web design. Take time to feed your mind and revel in the beauty of another's creativity.

So, to celebrate that creativity, I present links to websites that have taken the initiative (and time) to search the web for works of wonder and excellence. I'm not promising that every site you visit will automatically inspire you to create your own personal web work of wonder, but I am confident that these sites will get you thinking ... I'll try to update this regularly so you can check in and scope out some new and interesting stuff.

"Website of the Day" sites to visit

1.) Cool Site of the Day
Just what the name says ... you get one site a day. One click is all it takes to stay up-to-date on the coolest websites around. Especially refreshing in the summer months ... hee hee did you get that? Cool ... summer (sorry!)

2.) Cool Web Sites
Online since 1996 to help folks enjoy sites they might never have visited otherwise. Always features a wide variety of sites to check out. Extensive archives. Noticing there hasn't been an addition for a few months, but they've gone on hiatus before and then reappeared.

3.) BestOfTheWeb Directory
Listing sites since 1994 (I think there were only about 10 websites back then ...LOL) - you can find a great deal of excellent web resources on BOTW. One of the few Grandaddy directories that appears to be kept relatively current.

4.) Adobe Site of the Day
An award that anyone is happy to win, since it means you get a link from ... Adobe ... and how cool is that. Uber-kool. You can search their archives to view recognized design work in a variety of different categories. The great thing about the Adobe Archives is that design work is the star attraction and this can be great fuel to get your own design ideas fired up!

5.) Design Charts
Top 40 websites - weekly updates and links to "rock-star fabulous" web design. Showcases some excellent Flash animation.

6.) CSSDrive
There are many websites that are showcases for just CSS designs, which is a good thing because, really, table designed are less environmentally friendly online. And I notice that some of the loveliest work these days is completely CSS driven. So be sure to not only view this site, but utilize the many practical resources to help you make the change from table-based to tableless layout.

Designer's Tip: Always use the designs of others for good, not evil. No copying without permission!!! If you need to make something fast, buy a template!


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