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Frequently (& Infrequently) Asked Questions

1.) Are you a web designer?
Yep, I have worked on many different internet projects for various companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies and businesses.

2.) Could you make a website for our group / organization / company?
No sorry, aside from my employment, I only develop sites for my own interests these days.

3.) Why did you make this site?
I made this site to help people find some useful web resources. For almost all of the resources I list on this site I am (or have been) a customer. Or I've just bookmarked that site as a particularly helpful resource to me.

4.) I would like to learn more about web design. Do you recommend any schools I could go to?
I don't recommend any school in particular, but, if you are serious about being a web designer, I do recommend you take an accredited program in the field. In other words, go to school for web design. You'll learn a lot more than just doing free tutorials online. But, that being said, there is so much you can learn online that if you focus, you'll make great strides in your learning.

5.) Company "XYZ" you recommended didn't meet my needs.
Well, the content of this website constitutes my opinion. So, you're free to have your own opinion too. I can't guarantee inspiration or satisfaction! The factual elements of SiteInspiration.com are believed to be accurate at the time of writing, but no responsibility can be accepted for the results of any actions based upon its content. It is your responsibility to perform all aspects of due diligence. See the disclaimer page.

Thanks again for visiting this site, and I hope it has been of value to you! If you have any comments you'd like to make, please visit the contact page and share your thoughts.


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