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I am not easy to please when it comes to clipart. Why? There's just so much "ikky" clipart around that finding quality files can be hugely challenging. Plus, in the wrong hands, clip-art can be downright cheesy in a web environment.

However, that being said, your client wants clip art on their website so now you must find some appropriate files. While there are some excellent resources available, the best of them are not free. If you search for "free clip art" you will find so many files to sift through your head will spin. And most of the free sites are 'teaser' sites - they contain some free files but their true function is to direct you to their sponsor sites, or deluge you with pop-up and pop-under ads. They're just glorified pay-pr-click advertising. Or worse, they'll install spyware or some other piece of internet detritus on your machine during your visit.

ClipArtMy advice: pay the minimal fees associated with a subscription-based service. You will find what you need faster, it will come in multiple file formats and you'll be spared from the endless litany of advertising, pop-ups, pop-unders and other problems associated with the "free" sites.

Free Clip Art Websites:

1.) Microsoft
Oh yes, you read that right: Microsoft. One of the best free collections, fully indexed and searchable and available at your fingertips for download. And did I mention it's free? Also contains a helpful tips section to help guide you in the use of clip art, how to resize images and use them in vector art applications. Overall, a very useful bookmark, especially if you like enhancing presentations with quick clip art too. All clip art files are in *.wmf format.

2.) Barry's ClipArt
A site that's been around for a long time, it's now owned by Jupiter Images (as are a lot of the oldies in the Clip Art world), you'll find it contains alot of advertising on it to encourage you to upgrade to one of their paid sites. But even though it's an older site, and not always the easiest to work around in, there are thousands of files, and hey, sometimes you just have to visit a classic website once in a while. Remember the good ol' days ... ?

3.) There is no #3 because frankly, almost all of the free sites are junky link sites only, are conglomerates or are just plain ol' advertising to get you to buy subscriptions. So, without further delay - visit my fee based clip art page for advice on what might work best if you need to purchase!


A quick mention of another possibility in your search for little clipart files - did you remember you can get clipart in font form - very versatile, scalable, and you can colorize it / stylize it to any colour you like!

Here are links to a couple of my favorite free dingbat sites:

Dingbat Depot - helpful categories, no pop ads

Dingbat Pages - again, easy categories, gotta love them dingbats!



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