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OK, OK, I know this doesn't seem to have much to do with either making a great website or getting inspired to make one. Or does it? Sometimes the mind needs a little wind-down time, a little play-time, in order to fuel and find the motivation and incentive to *bam* come up with the perfect interface. So let's explore the world of fun for a moment, shall we?

I think that one of the hardest things about being a web designer full-time is that inspiration isn't like turning a light switch on-and-off. Ideas can pop into your head at the funniest times, like 2 am, and keep you awake til you get out of bed and write them down or sketch them up. And when you need an idea, say around 3 pm and you have a 5 pm deadline, your brain can simply decide to check-out and refuse to be appeased with any creative brainstorming technique you employ.

The solution - take a break. Get away from the computer for a bit. Stretch. Look out the window. Make a cup of tea or pop open a cola. Exercise. You need times away from designing and times for simply brain relaxation.

Coming Soon - I list my top escapist Gaming Websites!


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