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There is only one website I have ever used to look up reviews on free web hosts. Why? Because all of my sites are on paid web hosting plans or dedicated servers, not free ones. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. If you pay nothing, the potential exists to get nothing. No support, no up-time, no reliability. Free webhosts spring up like dandelions in spring, amass a great deal of users, and then typically try to somehow generate revenue from these users as their own hosting bills starts to rise. This can take the form of pressure to sign up to a paid hosting account, the use of pay-per-click advertising on users web pages, or incentive programs to again upgrade user accounts to an affiliate-based provider, thereby receiving commissions from your "upgrade".

Now, don't I sound a bit un-inspirational? Even a bit cynical? Sorry about that, but I want you to be clear that free webhosts come and go with alarming frequency and I wouldn't want your hard web work to disappear without a trace suddenly one day. Or that you check in on your site after not visiting it for a month and surprise - there's a whole ad campaign running that you had no idea would show up on your free site.

So that's enough with the warnings. I can hear you saying, thanks for looking out for me, what's the site with the free web hosts on it already? Because there are actually some good ones, and the best place to find them all is here:

1.) Free Web Hosts
Aptly named, the best thing about this site is a.) it has a great chart to show you what you get, don't get, whether ads are displayed on your pages or not and whether advanced support is provided on each host. b.) As a bonus almost, you get ratings, user reviews (and there are lots to view) and what technology is supported on each host. Take the time to really review and rely on the experience of hundreds, if not thousands of other users have had before you. Be especially alert to any recent changes that may be danger signals for reliability.

Designer's Tip: Again, use with caution, but if you are on a very tight budget, or are working in a non-profit area, a free web host can be a life-saver. Just to make me happy though that I even made this page for your perusal, please regularly back up your files!


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