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Hmmm, let's think for a moment ... what is truly free in this world? Many free web template/graphic/font/flash sites either have loads of advertising on them, are rife with pop-up's or pop-under's, make you register an e-mail address before downloading, and finally, after all that trouble, possess templates of varying quality.

Or they don't come with .psd files so you can't even edit the dratted things, not even to change a color you don't like! So, let's summarize the situation:


  • The price (meaning "free")


  • Thousands (and I mean thousands, or even hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions) of people will have already downloaded them

A Free TemplateRelax, it's not all bad though, I'm not going to rant on and on about all of the lousy free website templates pages I've run across over the years - here's a few of the best freebie sites I've discovered, ready for you to benefit from and explore as well. Just be sure to check out what comes and doesn't come with each template, so you get what you need to do any customizations that you will require:

1.) TemplatesBox
"Hey, isn't this same website on the cheap web templates page" you ask? Sure is, but this is such a great site because they have a huge free area. No registration is required in order to download, and you get the Photoshop files and the fonts used in the template. An excellent resource that I visit frequently, hence it gets the honor of being listed at #1.

2.) Free Website Templates
Some nice looks, especially the newer templates. Easy to see how many folks have beat you to the downloads (and trust me it's a lot). It is handy that they include source files in most cases - because not all free sites do. These templates are the ones you'll most likely see being resold on some web sites as part of another template collection. But now you know the truth - they're actually free!

3.) My Free Templates
Close to 100 freebie templates here, and they've been downloaded a lot too, but you'll find source files and links to other products of use. A nice site offered by the good folks at Interspire, who also make a piece of Article/News/Blog System Software called ArticleLive. This site also has some good instructions on how to adapt the templates to your purposes (helpful if you're newer at creating websites and appreciate some step-by-step help.)

4.) Free CSS Templates
Lean and clean web designs. CSS sites are considered by some as being favored by search engines for their clear separation of content and design in the coding constituting a CSS website. These templates are free provided you leave a link somewhere on the website crediting the author. A great way to learn CSS as well is to download a template and "dissect" it. This helps you understand how the structure is assembled so you can build your own sites from scratch in the future if you're so inclined!

5.) FreePSD
PSD files made with designers in mind who already know how to take that Photoshop file, customize it to their requirements, and generate their own web optimized imagery and html files. There are about 50 free ones, and some helpful Photoshop tutorials as well if you feel unsure of yourself in graphics editing software.

Designer's note: Be aware before using these templates "as-is" - some web "designers" offer the whole lot as their personal portfolio to their clients. You'll definitely want to customize ... or your site will look very much like someone else's ...

Feel better yet? No worries, check out some more links if you're still in need of INSPIRATION!


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