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Looking for web design tips and development ideas?

Are you a webmaster looking for resources, tools, software and ideas to help develop your latest web project? Just what can a web designer do when the usual torrent of creativity has dried up to a mere trickle? If you need some suggestions and guidance for your next site fast, or you just need a web shoulder to cry on while you wait for the muse to inspire, you're home.

Sit back and relax........

The Web ChickI created this site because I have often found it a frustration to wade through hundreds of web pages to come up with the occasional web design resources and gems the internet has to offer. So, I hope you'll benefit from my sifting and find this site concise and easy-to-use. You're not going to find dozens of listings on these pages - just relevant and helpful web resources and links in each category. And, as a special added bonus, you get my reviews and thoughts on them all as well! What more could a fellow web dev wish for?

In the whole of the world wide web, there are now billions and billions of web pages, so trying to come up with a web page design that's fun, unique and actually makes you feel like you've done a good job can seem daunting. So, grab yourself a beverage, site back, put your feet on the desk and surf through our site, then get prepared for inspiration to strike!



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