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How many times have you gone to create a website (especially for a small business or organization) and encountered one of the following scenarios:

  • they have no logo

  • they have a logo, but no source files, meaning you will need to recreate the logo (and oh, that happens all the time!)

  • or their logo is so awful that you would pay them money not to use it

So, you'll need a logo. It is important to leave a positive web impression on your visitors by paying adequate attention to the issue of a company logo, and then wrapping the look & feel of the website around it. Colours, typefaces and graphic elements can all influence the impression of a product or service. Some large companies have been known to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for corporate branding (that's another fancy word for a ... logo).

LogoBut, I hear you saying, your client doesn't have that much money to spend ... again, no problem. It's no problem even if you don't have much money to spend! There are some nifty resources available to help you create a logo for yourself or your cash-strapped clients.

Logo Creation Do-It-Yourself

Logo Creation Template-Style

Logo Creation Do-It-Yourself

1.) The Logo Creator
The Logo Creator is the fastest software to use if you need to make a logo in a pinch and have no design experience or software. Plus, the ideas it can spawn are endless! The software is easy to set up and use. You can customize each logo in each logo set in countless ways for a unique look. If you want to test it out first, you can download the demo version of the software. Your Best Value: download the software plus all the theme packs for $189.95.

2.) The Logo Company
This is a professional service at a very affordable price. For only $149.00 you get a 100% unique logo, designed by graphic designers. You get at least 3 versions of a logo to choose from before your final version is produced. I have purchased a few logos through The Logo Company, and all have met my expectations. A helfpul time-saver! I haven't used this service though for more than a year, so if you have, let me know if you were still happy with the result.

3.) LogoYes
LogoYes is a website that lets you create your own logo online and delivers a .jpeg and .eps file of the design you create. You can choose from literally thousands of symbols, fonts and colours to create a unique loook. The site is fast and very easy to use. The price is impressive too - $99.00 for the logo you create, and it has stayed the same price for the last couple of years. Great if you only have an infrequent need to create logos for yourself or for your clients.

Logo Creation Template-Style

1.) Template Monster
Template Monster has many logo files and corporate identity packages available for purchase and download. You receive the file in several different formats - check to see that the software you own can manipulate the image, because you'll need to modify the file and add your own company name & slogan. You can't beat the prices though - around $20.00 US + for a logo and corporate identity packages are also available.

2.) LogoMaid
Some very nice logos and corporate identity packages for sale at LogoMaid, the logo portion of template company Design Galaxy. Logos will run around $29.00 US and up, and there's over 4400 now to choose from. You can choose from exclusive use logos as well to ensure your logo is uniquely "you". You can't actually see how many times each non-exclusive logo has been downloaded (like you can at TemplateMonster) but the number of logos available here continues to increase. Be careful here though - you will not always get an .eps file that you can modify to your liking. Read the fine print!

Designer's Tip: If you make more than three or four logos a year, you may save more $$$ choosing the software rather than buying the files separately. Invest in learning Adobe Illustrator if you love logo work.

Plus, a Money-Saving Tip: If you want to buy a logo or corporate identity package from a template site, bear in mind that printing costs are lower for solid colours rather than gradient-based logos.


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